CARFMS 2016 Conference

By Stephanie Stobbe – Chair, CARFMS 2016 Conference Nota bene: you may click on each page below to zoom.  Alternatively, a PDF document is available...

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Endless Wars and the Ever Escalating ‘Global’ Refugee Crisis

When the UNHCR released its 2015 Global Trends Report: World at War, the then United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, stated, “We are witnessing a paradigm change, an unchecked slide into an era in which the scale of global forced displacement as well as the response required is now clearly dwarfing anything seen before.”[1] Worldwide displacement was the highest ever recorded at 59.5 million people.[2] Some...

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Research Findings from Immigration Detention: Arguments for Increasing Access to Justice

by Petra Molnar and Stephanie J. Silverman.    Petra Molnar is a migration researcher and refugee advocate in Toronto. She is currently the Public Interest Articling Fellow at the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic, working in immigration and family law with women who have experienced domestic violence. Stephanie J. Silverman is the 2015 Bora Laskin Fellow in Human Rights Research and a Social Sciences and Humanities Research...

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