CARFMS Blog Principles and Rules

The CARFMS Blog is intended for CARFMS members only and is only accessible to those members who have access to the Practitioners Forum (PF) and are registered on the PF. If you wish to contribute to our CARFMS Blog, then you are required to be a CARFMS member in good standing and be prepared to abide by the principles and rules of this Blog.

Here are some basic rules that you should always follow when submitting anything for posting on the CARFMS Blog, whether they happen to be opinion pieces, essays, policy briefs, workshop notes, research findings, position papers, and so on.

Contributions that are submitted that do not meet with the principles of CARFMS, as found in its vision, mission and mandate statements and its Bylaws, or are inconsistent with the following rules will not be posted on the CARFMS Blog.

  1. Submissions for the CARFMS Blog must be in Word format and should not exceed 1,500 words in length (the average is between 600 and 1,000 words), excluding references.
  2. All submissions must be clearly written and in plain language and must be properly formatted, with proper pagination, and be without grammatical or punctuation errors.
  3. Where required references and sources should be properly cited in the Blog submission.
  4. All submissions must be based on sound logical argumentation and supported by reliable and trustworthy evidence.
  5. All submissions must be written in a respectful, temperate, inclusive, and culturally sensitive manner.
  6. Submissions may be on any topic that deals with and is relevant to refugees and forced migration.
  7. Submissions that are deemed inappropriate and/or unprofessional will not be posted on the CARFMS Blog.
  8. The judgement of the CARFMS Blog Committee will be final.

*Please note the following disclaimer: Anything expressed in any of our CARFMS Blog postings does not necessarily reflect the policies, positions, opinions, or views of the CARFMS Association as a whole.