CARFMS Graduate Student Essay Contest


Past Winners of the CARFMS Graduate Student Essay Contest


Winner: “Like a tree without leaves”: Syrian refugee women and the shifting meaning of Marriage​”, Dina Taha, York University



Winner: “Family Reunification in Canada: Towards Authentic Humanitarianism​,” (PDF) Tania Dargy, Ryerson University



Winner: David Suk, McGill University (, for his paper: “Febles v Canada: A plainly wrong plain-text interpretation of Article 1F(b)”

We also congratulate the shortlisted candidates: 

We thank everyone who submitted to this contest.


Congratulations to Sasha Lallouz for winning the 2015 essay contest for her paper titled “The Credible Claimant meets the Credible Autobiographer”

We also congratulate the shortlisted candidates:  

  • Peter Grbac, “Politicizing Protection: India and its 1971 Refugees”, McGill University
  • Ecem Oskay, “Conceptualizing Refugee Agency”, McGill University
  • Kathryn Dennler, “Undoing Immigration Status in the UK”, York University

We thank everyone who submitted to this contest.


Congratulations to Anaël Aram Tchoulfian for winning the 2013 essay contest!  Anaël is a graduate student at the University of Montreal.

La politique d’asile dans l’Union européenne face à l’article 3 de la Convention Européenne des Droits de l’Homme et le principe de non-refoulement: Évolutions, doutes et certitudes – Anaël Aram Tchoulfian, University of Montreal

We also congratulate the shortlisted candidates Tanya Aberman (York University) and Jeewon Min (University of British Columbia).  We thank everyone who submitted to this contest.


Surrogate Protection in Canada and Potential Nationality in South Korea: Does a North Korean Asylum-Seeker have a “genuine link” to South Korea? – Jeewon Min, University of British Columbia

 Gendered Perspectives on Refugee Determination in Canada  – Tanya Aberman, York University


Congratulations to Christophe Sevigny for winning  the 2012  essay contest! Christophe is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University.

Starting From Refugees Themselves: Sketch for an Institutional Ethnography of Refugee Resettlement – Christophe Sevigny, Carleton University


Congratulations to Justin Mohammed for winning the 2011 essay contest and runner up, Andrea Clegg.

Exclusion in International Refugee Law: 20th Century Principles for 21st Century Practice? – Justin Mohammed


One Roof, One Right: Refugee Claimants and the Right to Social Housing – Andrea Clegg, McGill University