CARFMS Undergraduate Student Essay Contest

Past Winners of the CARFMS Undergraduate Student Essay Contest


Winner: “The source of migrant information, the myth of the IOM’s information campaigns and an examination of migrant decision-making processes,​” Sanda Ajzerle, Carleton University


Winner: Alathea Enns ( for the paper “Human Trafficking, Illegal Migration and Victim Identification on the Spanish Coast”

Runners up (in no particular order): 
Hillary Geneau ( for a paper on citizenship and statelessness for Haitians in the Dominican Republic “The Anonymous: An Examination of Statelessness in the Dominican Republic” (PDF)
Morgan McGinn ( for “Canada’s Policy on Climate Refugees: Mass Migration and the Need for a Paradigmatic Shift”
Richard Boli (, “Refugee Settlement Services in Winnipeg: Approaches, Programs and Organizations” (PDF)


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