Author Guidelines

We welcome the submission of any papers that deal directly or indirectly with refugees and other forced migrants. The preference will be given to those papers that deal with Canada in some way. However, they need not be limited to Canada alone. We also welcome the submission of papers that take a ‘cutting edge’ or unique and innovative approach(es) to their chosen topic that deals with refugees and/or forced migrants. 

The basic requirements for papers to be considered for publication in the CARFMS Working Paper Series include the following:

  • Papers cannot have been published elsewhere or in any other format previously. The copyright remains with the author or authors who are free, of course, to publish their papers elsewhere after being published first in the CARFMS Working Paper Series. It is expected that the author(s) will acknowledge that their paper, either in whole or  in part, was first published in the CARFMS Working Paper Series. Please include the weblink for the CARFMS Working Paper in your acknowledgement and where required all appropriate references and citations to the CARFMS Working Paper in the text of the publication.
  • Papers must have a title and text of about 10,000 to 15,000 words. Longer papers may be considered in either special or extenuating circumstances.
  • Papers must be submitted using New Times Roman font, with the text in 12 point pitch, double spaced, using normal border widths.
  • The citation style for footnotes and bibliography must follow the Chicago style.
  • Paper submissions must be of a consistently high quality, with a clear thesis or major argument, that is supported by factual evidence, rigorous and detailed analysis, and a consistent and a persuasive line of argumentation. It goes without saying that the paper must be error free, in as much as possible, and be without grammatical, spelling or punctuation mistakes.
  • Papers may be submitted in either of the official languages, English or French. 

Papers that do not meet these minimum standards will not be considered.