Call for Applicants – StOries: Strangers to Ourselves

Join CERC Migration for an innovative program of reading, discussion and creative writing to explore notions of identity and diversity in the contemporary Canadian context.

About the program

The experience of migration, as unique or universal as it might be, is always rooted in everyday stories, and can often be best expressed through literary and creative writing.

The CERC in Migration and Integration program at Ryerson University launches the StOries Project: Strangers to Ourselves as an alternative training project, grounded in research, reflection, and creative writing

The project, led by Anna Triandafyllidou and Alka Kumar, uses creative and literary writing to generate new insights about contested notions of identity and diversity in the contemporary Canadian context, as experienced at the intersection of multiculturalism, settler colonialism, and racism. Further, we are interested in exploring lived realities within formations and perceptions of self that emerge from race, ethnicity, religion, gender (and their intertwining) in Canada today; what they mean to each one of us; and how they shape our relationships with each other, and with Canada. Using literary and creative writing forms, the project will illuminate the complexities of these concepts, and of the related everyday experiences of inclusion or exclusion individuals encounter, assertion of difference and identity, including our efforts to blend in and become ‘invisible,’ and all the related in-between spaces. 

Selected participants will receive a participation fee upon successful completion of the project.

For more information, please visit Call for applicants: StOries (Strangers to Ourselves) – Cerc in Migration and Integration – Ryerson University