Interview for ‘Notes from the Field’: Shauna Labman, by Kate Motluk

Interview with Dr. Shauna Labman, February 23rd, 2018, by Kate Motluk Dr. Labman shared her thoughts on the role of interdisciplinary study, ‘layered legality’, and Canada’s legal obligation to refugees and asylum seekers.  Dr. Shauna Labman is a law professor at the University of Manitoba and an advocate for refugee protection. Kate Motluk works with the Refugee Sponsorship Support Program and was previously a program coordinator...

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Interview for ‘Notes from the Field’: Petra Molnar, by Alessia Avola

Notes from the Field CARFMS is excited to launch a new initiative called Notes from the Field. Each Note is based on a conversation between an undergraduate student finishing their degree or a postgraduate student starting off their degree, and a more established researcher in refugee and forced migration studies. While all Notes will be different, the unifying thread connecting them is a focus on recent developments in research, law,...

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