CARFMS Working Paper Series

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The Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (CARFMS) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Working Paper Series (WPS).

The WPS is intended to help realize the promotion and support of excellence in research and the dissemination of refugee and forced migration knowledge.

Please visit our webpage (www.carfms/working-paper-series) to read the WPS:

Justice Anne L. Mactavish, The role of the Federal Court in the Canadian Refugee Determination Process, CARFMS WPS No. 2015/1, October 2015

Olivia Chow, The Need to Welcome Refugees and Immigrants and Establishing Leadership By Welcoming More, CARFMS WPS No. 2015/2, October 2015

Mario Dion, The Immigration and Refugee Board Post Reform: “Nimble and Adaptive”, CARFMS WPS No. 2015/3, October 2015

Dr. James C. Simeon, The Developing Jurisprudence on Exclusion under Article 1F(a) of the 1951 Convention in Selected Western Industrialized States, CARFMS WPS No. 2015/4, October 2015

Peter Goodspeed, From the Indochinese Refugee Crisis and UNHRC’s Nansen Medal to the Silent Indifference of the Syrian Refugee Crisis 2011-2015: A Journalist’s Reflections on Shifts in Refugee Policy in Canada over the Last Four Decades, CARFMS WPS No. 2015/5, October 2015

Peter Grbac, Politicizing Protection: India and its 1971 Refugees, CARFMS WPS No. 2015/6, October 2015